How to get to BoBo from Inchon Int'l Airport

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Dear International Guests,
Please note the way of getting to BoBo Memberstel from Inchon International Airport as under :
1. take Limousine bus line number : 6003
2. bus stop at Inchon airport : just out of of gate number 6 in arrival floor (1st floor)
3. get off the bus at : GwanAk- Gu Office station (same as Seoul National University subway station
which is one stop prior to Seoul National University the last stop
) repeat GwanAk- Gu Office station
4. It will take approximately 90 minutes or so
5. When you arrive at Inchon airport and take the Limousine 6003, please 
call/text to  010 -6346- 6680 (by local phone) or  +8210 -6346- 6680 (by roaming phone) or
e-mail to (  ) or
kakaotalk (i/d : tdr25012)
5. Location
Seoul National University station of subway line #2 -> exit gate #1 -> go straight 180m ->
Daeshin Bldg. 2nd fl.
Best Regards,
SCShin/Landlord of BoBo Memberstel SNU Branch

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