Dear International Students and Visitors :

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Dear International Students and Visitors :

This is your second home in Korea, BoBo Memberstel !
Prior to entering into the introduction of BoBo Memberstel, recommend watch below u-tube film for
your easy understanding about the unique residence type "Goshiwon" in Korea.
BoBo Memberstel Seoul National University Branch is a fully-equipped guest house (Korean phrase "Gositel")
which ensures maximum privacy and comforts for every single resident.
Each room is furnished with a complete set of high quality built-in furnitures, and
a full range of daily necessities are provided to make your stay more pleasurable.

1. Good Quality for Money
   - Rent fee
      300,000 Won ~ 430,000 Won (US$300 ~ US$430) per month as per kind/condition of room 
   - All inclusive i.e. No Deposit ! No Management expenses ! No Tax !
2. Convenience
    - Transportation
       Only 2 minutes away from Seoul National University station of subway line #2
       Only 12 minutes away from Gangnam area
       Shuttle bus station of Seoul National University is located nearby
    - Universities Seoul National University, Soongsil and Joongang University,
       Seoul University of Education 
    - Public Institutions
       Gwanak-Gu office, Public Health Center, Post office, Telephone office, Fire station
    - Market
       Naksungdae Traditional Market, Egg Yellow outlet, and marts around
3. Safety & Security
    - Water sprinkler system equipped in each room
    - Fire exit in each floor
    - Signed up fire insurance policy
    - CCTV recording system
    - Digital door lock equipped in each entrance of floor
4. Comforts
    - Each room equipped bed, desk, bookshelf, refrigerator, TV, bathroom (one room type)
    - High speed internet 
    - Free WiFi
    - Cable TV
    - High efficience of air conditioning & heating system
    - Seperated men & women's floor
    - Free offers for rice, kimchi, ramyon (instant noodle), egg, coffee, green tea and
      season's side-dishes occasionally
    - Warmhearted landlady
5. Shared use facilities
   - Washers, water purifier, induction range, rice cooker, toaster & other kitchen utensils
   - Bathroom, shower room in each floor
6. English Communication
    - Immediate and exact response for Q &A/phone/e-mail requests
7. Reservation
    - Needs at least 100,000 Won (or US$100) payment in advance 
    - You may transfer the downpayment thru either 'moneygram', 'western union', or 
      'Paypal' (i/d :
    - The downpayment is to be included into the first month's rent accordingly
    - The rent fee for the first three months should be prepaid when check-in

We look forward to having you with us !
Thank you !!
Seoul Nat'l Univ. station of subway line #2 / exit #1 / go straight 180m / Daeshin Bldg. 2nd fl.

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